Monday, December 18

A Concise History of The Reformed Presbyterian Church by Steele

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Welcome to the Still Waters Revival Books video book summary for “A Concise History of the Reformed Presbyterian Church from the Middle of the Sixteenth Century and of the Reformed Presbytery from 1840 Till the Present Time” by David Steele

A good introduction to the ongoing battle for Christ’s Crown and Covenant. Takes the Protestors side and shows how a faithful remnant remained true to the Biblical principles of covenanted Reformation. Clearly demonstrates how that “(a)mong the nations of Christendom, Scotland stands preeminent in this work of faith and labor of love to God and man. Her National Covenant and its obvious sequel, the Solemn League and Covenant, are memorial columns bearing inscriptions, perhaps more important to mankind than those of the Moabite stone, or the Hieroglyphics of Egypt. Often obscured by defection and apostasy, those inscriptions are not obliterated. They continue to exhibit the Divine institution and mutually independent functions of Church and State a ‘Gospel Ministry and Scriptural Magistracy’; their coordination and subservience to the family, as the primary organism in human society. They do also prescribe the duty of all ranks; of the king in his palace and of the humblest citizen in his cottage, to keep up the worship of God, each ‘in his person and family.’ They moreover contain a Standing Testimony against the heresies, tyrannies and cruelties of Diocesan and Erastian Prelacy; whether misnamed Catholicism or Episcopacy.”

Here, as with Guthrie’s final cry (while standing on the scaffold), the martyrs voice is once again being heard in our lands, “The Covenants! The Covenants! shall yet be Scotland’s (the world’s, RB) reviving!”

Also sets forth the principles contained in the following two statements: “A union without truth is a conspiracy against the truth, in the Church,” and “A toleration of all religions is the cut-throat of the true religion, in the state.”

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