Sunday, December 17

Stop Drunk Driving

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In a recent study has found that, despite the fact that those interviewed responded that alcohol is considered the main cause of road accidents.
When asked “what is the amount of alcohol you believe that you can eat without this will reduce the capacity of a sofa?” One third said they can consume 1-2 bottles of beer, 25.5% that can consume 1-2 glasses of wine and 17%, 50 ml of spirits, without that it will somehow affect their ability to drive.

Did you know that nearly 30% of drivers said they had driven after consuming alcohol, and the main reasons put forward were: the road map, relatively short, an emergency situation or did not feel like it has been affected by capacity leadership.
Thus we find that the percentage of drivers driving under the influence of alcohol and were engaged in road accidents is much higher than those who were involved in accidents, but have not consumed alcohol.
Peak is that more than 90% of drivers believe that sanctions for driving under the influence data would be much tougher.
What strange thinking! Or rather give them the right, those driving under the influence of alcohol, playing with the lives of others with personal health, with life participants in traffic, and pedestrians. Who gives them this right? So many lives put in danger! And for what? For an extra cup, because some are too greedy or do not know to stop?
Why not take a taxi, if you were foolish enough to drink alcohol, you must absolutely have to climb behind the wheel?
I do not understand!
It depends on us all to change anything, because life is above a “few drinks!
Do not waste your life or any others, because life does not return, but a drink you can drink it anytime!


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