Thursday, December 14

Darling Daddy

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This is a song I wrote for my biological father. It was his birthday. I tried to published this on; however, they decline. I hope publish it. Today is my biological mom’s birthday 12-18-2010. My biological dad is a month away from her birthday 1-18-2010.


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 My darling daddy your youthful soul views everything. Hands to hands, lips to abdomen, Magdalene’s fetus you did sing. Tenderly, affectionately you gave my mother care. The both of you desire silk, jewelery and perfume, so I can wear. Darling daddy your tears leaked when I drew precious air. Craving to hold, kiss and squezz me; life wasn’t fair. My darling daddy you careess Magdalene as they took me away. Sorrow infused your hearts yet your selfless act put sunshine in my pathway. 

 (in French)Mon papa chéri(My darling daddy). (in Spanish)Mi papá te quiero tanto(My daddy I love you so much) because you stayed in touch any way. My fierce protector, my friend, my hero: My darling daddy we found each other and your unconditional love is so awesome! Our enlightening conversations and laughing sessions leave me inspire to do everything  without fear: As I gaze your smile that so handsome.

 (in French)Je vous aime avec tout mon coeur(I love you with all my heart). Darling daddy your guidance, love, protection and support for me means the world. Having you as my father is unique as culivated pearl. 


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