Tuesday, December 12

How to Use Microsoft Expression With WordPress

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It is easy to learn how to use Microsoft Expression with WordPress platform. This combination can help you create a great looking blog. Though, do not take it for granted as you will also need to put in some effort and be good at design. So, how can you use Microsoft Expression with WordPress?

You cannot do it without a WordPress account. So, get one or log into your existing one. Download and install WordPress platform onto your computer. You will need it for storing and trying out your themes.

Now, the easiest way to make use of Microsoft Expression is to modify your existing blog or at least the theme that resembles one you want to achieve. So, open Microsoft Expression and create a new page. Then save it as HTML file in root folder of your WordPress installation. This HTML page will enable you to check how the website is being showed in browser.

The next step is to open your blog in browser and view its source code so that you can copy it into the blank page in Microsoft Expression. Now you will need to change the call CSS. It should be located somewhere in the first lines of the code. This call will most likely refer to location on some server where the CSS file is stored. You need to change it so that it refers to location on your hard drive where you save the theme you are creating.

Once finished, you can start changing the looks of your website by utilizing Microsoft Expression tools. It also helps to switch to split screen as it will enable you to see both the code and the changes in appearance as your work progresses. Also remember to check how the website is being showed in browser every now and then. Sometimes, there might be some differences between what you see in Microsoft Expression and what does actually show in the browser.

To conclude, Microsoft Expression is great software for creating top-looking websites. However, to get the most out of your blog, it is best to learn how to use Microsoft Expression with WordPress. It is not hard. However, you need to be prepared to put in some effort if you want to see the results.


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