Sunday, December 17

Social Networking Via And–Attention Fellow Russian Jews From NY And Nj!

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Ever since coming to New York from Ukraine some years back, I have noticed that it is a lot more difficult to socialize and make friends in the United States than in Ukraine. I guess the reason for this lack of social connection could be cultural differences, busy lifestyles, and distant zipcodes. Also, being an extreme introvert and a nice sensitive person at heart, it is not easy to make new friends in many social settings.

I have thought about taking classes related to my hobbies in the hope of making new friends. However, I quickly realized that I did not really have any particular hobbies or interests that I wanted to pursue. I also found out that most classes are a costly way to rip off lonely individuals. I do not see a good reason to pay for something that I do not even want to do. After all, meeting friends is not guaranteed. Also, as an adult even if you meet someone, there is a good chance that you will never see this person again.

Now that I have successfully ruled out the possibility of taking classes, I suddenly thought about attending a Synagogue. I am Jewish after all. Yes, I am a Russian Jew and I come from a non-religious family. However, I thought that I may share some of my beliefs and values with the people at this religious building. After a while a realized that I would not be able to make friends unless I became extremely religious. I am agnostic and would never convert unless I had some solid evidence about the existance of God.

Now I am thinking what else a person like me can do. I do not have a lot of money on hand and could potentially enjoy some sort of a free activity in the city or just a walk in the park. I would probably appreciate some suggestions from fellow loners like myself. Now I came up with a wonderful idea of posting my own advertisement. I would mention everything that you read in this article and ask for suggestions. I would select the replies that were of interest. Hopefully, something would come up.

If you happen to be a fellow Russian Jew residing within the New York and New Jersey metro area, please feel free to leave me a message. Perhaps we can get together sometime. If you are not a fellow Russian Jew, but feel that we may have something in common, please do not hesitate to leave me a message as well.


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