Monday, December 18

The Mothers-In-Law: You Challenge Me to What?

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The Mothers-in-Law: You Challenge Me to What? is another episode that centers around the rivalry between Herb Hubbard and Roger Buell, as played by Herbert Rudley and Roger C. Carmel.  It begins with simple barbecue differences and then escalates to a fencing match.

Both Herb and Roger make claims about their fencing foil talents, neither admitting that they may be exaggerating a little bit.

My favorite bit is a little performance of the Crap Grass song, which was a sketch Roger wrote for Eve Hubbard (Eve Arden) to use in her garden club.  It really was a hoot.  Eve, Kaye, and Roger perform this ridiculous song to the tune of Greensleeves.  I have to admit I just roared listening to it.  This is simple but wonderful comedy.  I think it’s the best scene in the entire show.

The fun part about this show, and for that matter, many shows in the series is that it is very real for the era.  People overreact and get defensive over silly things, and that leads to more craziness, which in this case is the fencing challenge.

The show works very well with all four of the main stars getting lots of opportunities to shine through.


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