Monday, December 18

The Mothers-In-Law: The Not-Cold-Enough War

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There’s a lot I like about The Mothers-in-Law: The Not-Cold-Enough War which is an episode midway through the first season of this situation comedy that was produced by Desi Arnaz’ company.

The opening teaser is just superb.  There is tenderness and crazy comedy both.  I mentioned this before but one of the reasons I like this show is that the outlandish couples are crazy and yet in love, and we get to see that.

Kaye Buell (played by Kaye Ballard) is so sweet and supportive of her husband, Roger (portrayed by Roger C. Carmel), as he works on his TV scripts.  It gives me a warm feeling, even as the nature of the scene shifts to the physical comedy aspect, which is a hoot.

The essence of this program is a refrigerator switch.  Herb Hubbard (Herbert Rudley) is a lawyer who gets paid with a refrigerator for a case.  So, the Hubbards pass their fridge onto the Buells, who give their clunker to the newlyweds, who give their inadequate fridge to friends who are even worse off.

I love the way all of this happens.  Then, of course, there are equipment failures.  Herb Edelman guest stars as a policeman in this show.


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