Thursday, December 14

Get Well Soon, With Love.

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This is a story about a boy who lived in a world where no one believed in love. He lived alone, had no family, had no friends, but the only thing he had, was hope. His world was full of fakeness and artificialness, lies and traps, dishonesty and selfishness. Nobody cared about love, feelings and emotions. All they cared about was themselves. In a world like this, a boy was born. His only fault was that he fell in love.

It was a winter morning, the clouds were everywhere and like love, the sun was lost. The boy was sleeping in his apartment. He woke up by a cricket ball which came flying towards him via his broken window. He went to the balcony to yell at the children who threw it accidentally. When he was done yelling and was about to throw the ball, he saw a beautiful young lady. She was about 18 years of age, she had freckles on her cheeks, her hair was dwindling over her eyes like the clouds dwindle over the sun.He had never seen such a beautiful girl in his entire life

He, unconsciously, threw the ball and the ball fell at the girl’s arm. She gave him a strange look, even though she was angry but he could see somewhat love in her eyes. That’s when he got to know that love exists. He, with his mouth open, kept on staring at her. She, however, went away. He kept thinking about her the whole day and night. He could not forget about the way she looked at him. He kept wondering the same thing, Is this love ? Is this the myth ? He knew that the only person who could answer this question was none other than the girl herself.

Without any further a due, he started looking for that girl. He searched here and there, looked for her in every street but found nothing. No one knew about her. No one ever saw the girl he was describing and I certainly do not blame them. He must have describing her as he sees it. No one else could have seen that. But the boy did not lose hope. He kept on with his search. He spent hours in his balcony only to get a glimpse of her again.

Many years passed by, he did not forget about her. Surprisingly, some people started to notice his condition. At first, they did not show any sympathy or anything like that. But then, as his condition got worse, some of them, tried to help him, some laughed at him and some, still, did not notice. The ones who laughed thought that the boy has lost his mind, he surely must have been on drugs, as love does not exist. According to them, the boy was mentally ill. But their comments could not shatter the boy’s hope. The boy’s hope got stronger when some of the people tried to help him. His neighbor used to visit him every day. He used to send him gifts so that he may forget about this imaginary girl. He also used to console him. Similarly, a woman, who lived near to the boy, used to send her various kinds of sweet dishes every weekend. She was a mistress of cooking. The boy loved to eat her delicious meals.

One day, that woman sent him a walnut cake, it was pink in color and was icy. A small note was attached with that cake and on that note, it was written that, “Get well soon, with love”. On that very moment, the boy realized something. It was something that he could not explain before, but now, it was all very crystal clear.

Love, was not something what he thought it was. Love does not mean that you have to think about your loved one every single minute. It does not mean that you have to forget the whole world for your loved one and it certainly does not mean that you always have to stay with you loved one. Love means care, like that woman and his neighbor cared for him even though they did not know him at all. Love means tolerance, like they tolerated him and his stupid behavior. To make it more simpler, it means happiness, like they wanted nothing else from him, just his happiness.

So he stood up, gussied up, and went to that man and woman. He thanked them for making him realize his mistake. He was a changed man now, all he wanted was the happiness of the people he loved. He used to pray to find her but now he prayed only for her happiness, nothing else.

He started working hard, for the happiness and comfort of others. He worked tirelessly day and night. His love for others became his motivation and because of that strong motivation, he brought happiness to the whole world. He invented many things which brought comfort and happiness to everyone. He also wrote many books to make people realize what love truly is. He knew that, without love, life is like an empty glass, a cake without sugar or a house without family. So, he tried to explain this feeling to everyone. Some opposed his concept but he never lost hope. He was satisfied due to the idea that at least they care to oppose.

Gradually, there was more love, less selfishness around. Everyone cared for each other. They took others in prior to themselves. They did not eat their meals without finding out that has their neighbor’s eaten anything or not. The concept of “take” was overcome by “give”.

The World was a better place to live now. There was no crime, there was no theft, there was no robberies. There was peace and harmony everywhere. The sun seemed to shine as bright as light. If anyone found out about someone ill or sick, that someone received a lot walnut cakes with a small note saying : “Get well soon, With love”.


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