Saturday, December 16

The Mothers-In-Law: The Great Bicycle Race

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The Mothers-in-Law: The Great Bicycle Race gets us back to a little bit of competition between the husbands-in-law, Herb and Roger, played by Herbert Rudley and Roger C. Carmel, respectively.  In a lot of the recent shows, they’ve been more like best friends working together to keep their wives out of trouble than acting like the competitive and bickering men they began the series as.

However, this show gets us back to a bit of that friendly rivalry, which is fun because it really doesn’t interfere with their friendship.  It’s just a game of one-upmanship.  In the case of this half hour program, the focus is on who is in the best physical shape.  Naturally, the wives-in-laws get into the act as well.

All of the banter and verbal sparring lead to the four deciding to go on an overnight bicycle ride with some other people.  Even the newlyweds go along for the fun. Unfortunately, things don’t go quite as the group plans.

Probably the funniest moment is when the four adults try to spell out the word ‘help’ with their bodies.  It’s a bit of physical mayhem.

The show is a little slow for me to be honest and even with the laughs that are there, it loses me.


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