Monday, December 11

The Mothers-In-Law: I Thought He'd Never Leave

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Larry Storch, best known for F-Troop, guest starred in The Mothers-in-Law: I Thought He’d Never Leave.  Storch isn’t really a favorite of mine, but he had a long and successful career doing guest spots like this one.

This half hour episode has Storch playing a bank robber on the run who busts into the Hubbards’ home and holds Eve as hostage.  Naturally, Kaye plods in and won’t leave, so she ends up being held hostage as well.

There’s nothing dramatic or fearful here; it’s all comedy from beginning to end.  After all, early on we have Eve doing charades to try to tell Kaye what is going on and all the while, the robber is in the closet listening.  It’s not very realistic from the robbery point of view.

Naturally, the husbands end up with their wives.  It’s all a bit contrived, especially since they are free to walk all around.  It’s just not believable.  Even for comedy, it would have been nice if there was something more basic to the plot that would have at least made things a bit more tense, if only for a moment.

Storch is pure comic.  He’s actually played bad guys in other shows, but it’s clear here that he’s just doing it for the laughs.


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