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Age Of Empires Online Upgraded Weapons

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I think the Age of Empires online game started development sometime in 2009 the game has been completed and at this time is in a beta testing phase. It has been announced that it will be ready for world wide release some time in early 2011. I think we can count on this games release in 2011 as it has already been in beta phase for sometime now already.

Gamers already used to the previous versions will discover age of empires online offering many new features to get to grips with in order to have success in the game. One key feature will be that players can gain upgrades by completing in game quests and from exploration of the surrounding areas. The game so far offers 4 types of weapons upgrades as follows.

Personally I do not think this Age of Empires online weapon list that great and can imagine that for developers to make their cash back invested in the development of the game will provide more and better advances or those that pay.

The Gut Ripper weapon upgrade is going to be quite popular and provides a number of advantages to all that use it in battle. Units welding this sword will be well equipped to do extra damage to their enemy and should they try to escape the Gut Ripper will have already snared them slowing down their escape.

Everybody who has ever played this game comes to realise the importance of having spearmen in their armies, spearmen in age of empires online can achieve the upgrade called Black Enamelled Heavy Spear, this bonus provides your army of spearmen a massive increase to the damage they inflict and their ability to fight. The Black Enamelled Heavy Spear provides an increase to the spearmens critical strike and snare abilities.

The Krakens Fist upgrade gets applied to the wall shaking and crushing battering rams, you thought they were fierce before the Krakens fist provides an unfair advantage to these small but mighty machines. The speed gets upgraded as well as the attack damage. This upgrade and bonus is only available to the more experienced empires.

With the age of empires online Heros bow of Apollo bonus upgrade you have the Gods on your side, your armies attack damage gets upgraded and so do you odds to make critical strikes. Don’t let anybody stand in your way you have the God of Apollo on your side.

These are just a few enhancements to be seen and used in the new age of empires online game, the upgrades should be quite high on the list of things to do as you can bet that this is what your enemy is doing. The upgrades will help tip the tide of battle in your favour and keep the attacking armies at bay, without them you will be an easy target.

Although this game is not yet released interested gamers will find plenty of information available explaining and introducing age of empires online. Ok there is the official website but there are also plenty of fan websites on the internet to be found and quite often offering a whole lot more than the official websites do. A lot of these fan websites are not perfect but with continued visits and support for gamers they soon transform into something excellent.


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