Monday, December 11

How to Build a Gift Drawer to be Prepared For All Sorts of Gifts

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Having a gift drawer is a great way to be prepared for all sorts of events when you might need to give someone a present at short notice. It will not only save you time, it will also save you money and a lot of worry when you remember that you have that birthday party to go to tomorrow.

Here is how you too, can create a gift drawer:

– Choose a big box or drawer, or even a cupboard, for this purpose, and avoid putting other things into the dedicated area.

– Buy a small supply of gift tags, cards (both for birthdays and empty ones without any writing on them, since these can be used for all sorts of occasions), tape and gift wrapping paper and place it in the dedicated area. Remember to restock once something runs out!

– If you see something someone you know will really love, for a good price, buy it for them, no matter if their birthday is around the corner or not. If it is something that is really perfect for someone, they will appreciate it no matter how long ago you got it, and you will have the pleasure of giving them the perfect gift!

– If you need to give children presents on a regular basis, buy cheap toys regularly when you run into special offers. Children are not as picky as adults!

– Also stock up on neutral gifts, that suit a lot of people, since these will be a great help when you can’t find anything at all, or when you need a hostess gift or similar at short notice. Good examples of neutral gifts are: beautiful coffee mugs, that you can fill with candy, coffee or other high quality products, classic books and top quality products that don’t go bad quickly, such as top notch wine or olive oil.


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