Wednesday, December 13

A Photoblog is a Great Way to Express Yourself.

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I just got back from my cyber walk and was amazed at all the photos I have seen! If your like me and enjoy learning about new places and things, looking at photography blogs is pretty neat. Many of the blogs I have seen were definitely by professional photographers by trade, but photo blogging is also very popular by beginners as well. Some of the most popular photo blogs I have visited seemed to have gained popularity because the pictures on them are of great quality, and have stunning visual affects. A lot of the people who own these beautiful blogs are folks that have definitly studied long and hard at the art of photography.

Some of the photo blogs I stopped by and looked at had nothing but picture after picture of fast cars and cute babies and are more about a certain theme, than about style, flair and the artistic value of the picture itself. Other sites I visited reminded me of people and places from my past, and let me tell you, that was way hella cool!! A photoblog allows us to communicate in ways like never before. Whether it be, me and grandma at the beach, or my classic 1983 porsche, a photoblog is a great way to express our thoughts, emotions, and interests.

Making a photo blog is just as easy as a text-based blog and with the internet’s high speed technology making your blog is not difficult at all. Placing photos in your blog or web site has to be by far the best way to express yourself. Think about it, you get a view into someone else world, and they get a view into your’s with the click of your mouse.


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