Friday, December 15

Organizing a Holiday Potluck

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A potluck is a great way for friends and family to get together for the Holidays without leaving all of the financial stress on one person. Organizing a Holiday potluck is something that everyone can do, and it will help to ensure that everyone pitches in.

Set a date for the Holiday potluck. You should check with a few people that you will be inviting to determine the best date for everyone.

Select a location for the Holiday potluck. This will be determined by the amount of people that will be attending. It this is a small family event, someone’s home will work fine. If it is a larger even, you may need to check into local venues.

Make a list of food categories you would like to have at the Holiday potluck. This could be one certain style; ex. Italian, Mexican, American, Christmas, etc. You can also break it down into dishes that you will need.

Include the drinks and paper products in your list. You will need these, so have guests help with them as well.

Divide the list among the guests. You do not want to be very specific when doing this. A Holiday potluck is a time when people want to show what they can do, do not limit it. Give a few people a main course, a dessert, a side, drinks, or paper products. Be fair when you are doing this.

Send invitations a couple of weeks in advance. You should include the items that you would like that guest to contribute to the potluck. Be sure to have everyone RSVP to the Holidaypotluck, this will give you a chance to make sure you will have everything at the event.



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