Thursday, December 14

What Your Nail Polish Says About You

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As humans, we associate different colors with different things automatically and sub conciously. This is why it is intresting and necessary for us to be aware of what signals the colors we use send out to others we meet. One good example of this is the color of our nail polish. Did you know that different colors send out completely different signals, even when it comes to such a small and seemingly insignificant thing as your nails?

Here is a list of different, commonly used colors for nail polish, so you can figure out what signals you are sending out, maybe even without knowing it:

– Red: A dangerous, sexy vamp. Liz Taylor and Marilyn Monroe both preferred red nails.

– Pink: Girly and sweet.

– Clear: A good girl, hard worker, perhaps a bit boring.

– Any fashion color at the moment, such as blue or glitter or black: Fashion victim, no personality

– Nude: Very high maintenance and very well groomed. Lives at the beauty salon!

– French manicure: Extremely high maintenance, control freak, clean freak.

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JoJoGal loves nail polish, but she is also crazy about bags. She even blogs about them! See her blog Passion for handbags for more info on her other passion.


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