Friday, December 15

Life in Thailand

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  1. Thailand is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Southeast Asia. It is also known as the land of smiles because most  Thai people are very friendly and accommodating. Many foreigners come to visit Thailand to have a wonderful holiday and mostly they spend their time at the beach, visiting old temples and other historical places. There are many tourist attractions in and out of Bangkok. Some activities that you can do in this country are shopping, Island Hopping, Elephant trekking, scuba diving, snorkeling  skydiving.

Some foreigners intend to work and stay here in Thailand, they find this place as a paradise where the cost of living is very cheap. Most jobs that they find here is Teaching English as many of the Thais are not so exposed in speaking the language. Some, they ended up here for being married with a Thai.

in Thailand is not so easy at first. You should be able to learn to speak their language to be able to communicate because not a lot of people here can speak English. Some were able to live here for a long time and unfortunately others cannot maybe because of a culture shock. Another thing to learn is to adopt their culture and tradition to avoid any disagreement with them. Thais have a lot of superstitions and beliefs that we have to follow to show respect. Some examples of these are :

–         Do not use your foot in pointing to something

–         Always show respect to the elders by making ‘Wai’ (hand gesture like making a prayer)

–         Do not touch other people’s head

–         Always remove your shoes, sandals every time you go inside someone else’s house

To live, work and stay legally in Thailand, you should first obtain a work permit in which your employer will process your documents and request it from the Labor Ministry. This work permit will provide you a one year Non-Immigrant B visa that you have to renew every year.

Some are working here without work permit due to lack of documents or qualifications. Or another reason is that the employer does not qualify to provide a Work Permit to their employee. In this kind of situation, their visa status is still a tourist visa in which you have to go out of the Thai Border ( Laos, Cambodia )  in which they will stamp your passport for another 15 days.

Try to visit Thailand and experience a wonderful holiday adventure


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