Sunday, December 17

Golden Rules Of Eating Fruits

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Fruits are the manifestation of nature’s love for men. They are excellent for keeping our bodies hale & hearty. To derive the maximum benefits we should follow some guidelines

Eat With Skin

Apple, guava, peaches & other thin skinned fruits have their nutrients just below their skin which will be eliminated if we skin them. So we must eat them with their skin on.

Cut & Eat Immediately

If we leave fruits after cutting they react with oxygen & lose their vital elements & become breeding ground of a lot of germs. So eat fruits immediately after cutting them.

Eat Before Sunset

According to the Ayurveda there is certain type of fruits like banana, guava, papaya & all those fruits which have their pulp somewhat watery should not be eaten after sunset because by the dusk they become heavier & difficult to digest. The ideal time to eat fruit

s is the breakfast time.

No Knife

The use of knife in cutting fruits should be minimal so as to preserve the vital nutrients which get destroyed by the sharp edge of the knife.

                         If we follow these rules, the joy & benefits of eating fruits eating fruits will be enhanced many fold. 


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