Friday, December 15

Anti Aging Skin Treatment by Organic Leaves

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Green Tea
The green tea leaves have incredible benefits to your skin. Your skin will be soft as silk and protected from free radicals. One cup of green tea in the morning will help you much for the rest of the day.

Green Tea Green Tea

Lettuce (Salad leaves)
Eat lettuces as many as possible, the lettuces can eliminate or reduce wrinkles.

Lettuce Lettuce

Eat spinach every day, because the spinach will resist the growing and the spreading of cancer cells. In addition, eating the spinach is anti aging skin treatment. Even though you are getting old, your skin will not easily wrinkled.

Spinach Spinach

Celery neutralizes oily facial skin, becoming more dry and normal. And very useful in light skin irritation treatment. Here is a sample how to use celery.

  • Wash celery and put in a small bowl, pour the boiling water.

  • Let it for 15 minutes, then you will smell fragrance of the celery.

  • Pour the water in the bowl into a bottle, and keep the bottle in the refrigerator.

  • You can use the water at night. But remember, your face should be cleaned first.

  • After, you washed your face with the water, let your face dry by itself.

  • Finally, wash thoroughly your face again with cold water.

Celery Celery

Today, it’s not only organic leaves are available in the market, but also leaves that contain chemicals products. Organic leaves are highly recommended than others.

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