Monday, December 18

How To Make Friends

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I realize that for some people (including me, LOL), it is difficult to make friends, even for the first time when we meet and make acquaintance with new people. It seems certain feeling such as shame, disgrace, fear, and the like have blocked our ability to show our best in getting along with them. In fact, we do want to know them well.

Frankly speaking, actually we have met many people and the same people on the way we go to office every day, in our house environment, or in a store where we usually buy our daily needs, and some of them can make friends from it. However, the rest (including me) cannot because of acting like we do not know them and we do not greet them and (unfortunately) vice versa. Based on a research, this is not really good for one’s interaction. As a consequence, a friend, specifically close friends, is difficult to make.

I know this should be solved early because I want to have friends as much as possible. Then, the first step I do is reading a book of how to make friends and practicing the tips and suggestions. I find the tips run well for me. That is why I want to share it to you who have the same problem like me before. Here are some tips of how to make friends based on Dale Carnegie’s book of “How To Win Friends and Influence People”:

1.Be friendly and courteous
Always greet people with a smile. The next time you see someone without a smile, give that person one of yours. Be polite. Begin your request with little phrases like “I am sorry to bother you”, “Would you please”, “Would you mind”, “Excuse me”. Remember to say “Thank you”. Finally, answer the question in a friendly manner and be as helpful as you can.

2.Go out of your way to be nice
Find some time to do special things for other people. Making an extra cup of soup for a sick neighbor may seem like a little thing to you, but it will make your neighbor feel a lot better.

3.Remember names
Concentrate hard when you are introduced to someone and remember the person’s name.

4.Be tolerant
Try to understand other people’s ways and in so doing learn something from them.

5.Listen patiently
Don’t constantly interrupt or contradict other people. Learn to listen attentively. Encourage people to tell you about their accomplishments and praise them for their achievements.

One thing that must be remembered is we have to apply those ways patiently and sincerely to see the amazing result. Happy trying! 


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