Thursday, December 14

Scandal of Young to Get Married. Why?

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The marriage of a 14 years old girl to a 26 years old man has sparked a controversy in this predominantly Muslim country of Malaysia. The young girl told the media that it is her ‘individual decision and right’. While the human rights activists think that it is morally wrong for a kid to get married as girls who marry young are denied the opportunity to learn and develop to their full potential because they are ‘forced to be adults’ through marriage.

Since the country is governed by two contradicting laws, the civil law and the Sariah law, it is the later that give green light to children to marry as long as they have reached puberty. I do not think that a kid bride has the mental capacity to be a wife let alone be a mother to a baby. What are your thoughts of this?

In this day and age, it is really shocking to hear this. I can’t believe such thoughts exist in the 21st century!

In India, they have a fixed age of 18 years to get married. No local/regional law can overrule this. But still, have cases of child marriage as well. I feel pity for the girl and am angered like anything for her parents. Can’t they decide what’s right for their child? They don’t want to give her full opportunity to complete her education and pursue her dreams before settling down? I just hope these cases are minimized over time before being eventually eliminated.

This is really taking back to the stone age or the ancient practice which is hard to digest now. In some other places the legal age for girls to get married is 18 and if there is any compulsion from others to force the girl to get married before attaining the legal age is legally banned.. 14 years is very young…She would not have attained the mental and physical health to contribute to the married life.. This is not the correct way…. Is this a Republic/Civilian country or Communist country?

What’s happening on earth nowadays?  And what made that 14 year old girl think that she has all the right to marry, okay it is her right if she insists, but where are the parents? Does she has any parents to guide her? Or, her parents even give the consent?

What the hell with those parents to let their daughter marry at that age, she’s still a baby and how can she be a mother, a wife and or what.  In our country, young teens are exploring things, but the law or church never allows a 14 yrs old to get marry. If accidentally she get’s pregnant, let her gave birth and put into a counseling home in preparation for all the responsibilities and to lighten her mind as well. A marriage is never a solution to the problem (early pregnancy)

But with in the news it is the girl who is shouting for her individual right to get marry (shocking).


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