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Is Strike a Right Option For Students to Demonstrate Their Protest?

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Historically strikes have been practiced as appropriate means to register our protest and getting our employers bent to our demands. In some countries strikes is even considered as legal means to exhibit the dissension and displeasure to our employers. But when in a college students go on strike, they may be using an extreme measure to resolve an issue which can otherwise be easily done in a cordial atmosphere through talks and persuasion. Should strikes be considered as proper means for students to demonstrate displeasure in school and colleges?

The result of strikes though favorable, they cost academics disruption

Strikes cause a major disruption in the academic atmosphere. Not only the classes are disrupted by strikes, most often students resort to damaging college infrastructures and facilities to drive home their point. These strikes at college level are at times pointless and can be responsible for distracting students away from their course curriculum. However justified their demands may be but the loss of time due to strikes is an irreparable loss to them. Students mustn’t forget that time and tides waits for none and once they are late by a year or semester or by a season it sucks up payment through whole career. Practically, it has been observed that strikes of students most often take the form of aggression and dilapidation. Since the students are not mature intellectually, their gathering often turns into angry mob. The aftermath of such unmanaged strikes is very perilous to students and at the same time it becomes the reasons for the worry to their parents.

Since students more often are financially dependent on their parents and guardian, it may be advised that instead of adopting strikes students should convey their dissent and demand to their parents. Parents being more rational and responsible can take the issue to a proper platform in proper manner. This not only saves the time of students by keeping them away from direct strikes but it also ensures that their demand has already been scrutinized and judged for its authenticity by a panel which is constituted of versed and genuine representatives of students (their parents).

Strikes create an unhealthy and dominating environment within the institutions. In the entire melee, sincere students have to forgo their studies even if the reason for strike is a stupid one.

Students are at the losing ends

It is understandable that the strikes comes to its form only when other soft means of individualistic or group attempts to persuade the administration and management have failed. But strikes should be assessed on the balance of profit and loss. Can there be any demand which is more weighted than the loss of studies and the precious time of students. The strikes of employee and students differ on this scale. A strike of employee is compensable by overtime working or monetary rewards. But the same doesn’t apply to students strikes. In student’s strike it is the students who are at stake not the college administration. Here unlike the employer, college administration or management do not face threats and grave consequences. The worst sufferers of strikes are students.

Not a solution but a problem

What is the stand of parents on this issue? They say they are more focused on the future and career of their wards. Now a day, the study is very costlier. If the students have to suffer some undue circumstances and pressure also but they pass out in time, it is better to bear and move without strikes. Yeah! If there is really something serious and college activities are dangerous to student’s career, parents should take their cause to college authority and resolve the issue. In strikes even if the cause is genuine one, it is the students of current session who suffer. Even after the demands are met by virtue of strikes, the loss of time is irreparable.

Some students justify their right to strike to get basic amenities for what they pay for. But no favor can compensate for the loss of time in strike. The gruesome strikes sometimes invite police. The innocent students may be forced arrest and this brings lifelong slander to students and his family. In vandalism, many students are hurt and injured which have their own repercussions.


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