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The Three Hottest Fashion Designer Hotels in The World

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Gone are the days when fashion was all about clothes. These days, a fashion designer or a fashion house does not only create clothes, but a whole lifestyle. This is why several designers have started their own hotels in the past years. But not all fashion designer hotels are created equal, three of them really stand out.

These are the 3 hottest fashion designer hotels in the world:

1. The Hotel Missoni in Edinburgh, Scotland

Missoni is an Italian brand know for its stripes and clever use of colors. You would think that the first Missoni hotel in the world would be in Italy, because Missoni as a brand has always been very Italian, but actually the first Hotel Missoni is in the charming Scottish town of Edinburgh.

The luxurious Missoni fabrics are used in different parts of the hotel, that is black and white, but with a few brightly painted jewel-toned walls in both rooms and public areas.

The hotel was designed by Rosita Missoni and is a part of the Rezidor Hotel Group.

Edinburgh has never looked more fashionable!

2. Maison Moschino in Milan, Italy

Moschino is another hip, fun and quirky Italian brand, but unlike Missoni, Moschino decided to create their first hotel in Milan, the home of the brand. Fashionistas from all over the world favor this small (it only has 65 rooms!) hotel, which is located in an old railway station, when they come to Milan to shop.

The Maison Moschino also houses a fantastic place to eat, the Clandestino Milano restaurant, as well as a luxurious spa called Culti Spa.

3. The Armani Hotel in Dubai

Giorgio Armani is another Italian designer, who settles for nothing less than the best. This is why he chose to design a hotel in Dubai, a city well known for putting a lot of money into some of the most luxurious buildings in the world.

All the furniture used in the whole hotel is by Armani Casa, Giorgio Armani’s furniture line, and very high class materials, such as green bamboo marble from Brazil, has been used in each room.

You will also be able to eat well and shop well at the Armani Hotel, since it has several restaurants and several boutiques (all selling Armani items, handpicked by Giorgio Armani himself) inside of it.



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