Thursday, December 14

Useful Tips While Making Soups

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Soups are served before any meal as an appetizer. Some people take soup as a substitute for whole meal for nourishment. Soups contain minerals and spices and are low in calories. Generally soups are served very hot, but in some tropical countries, people don’t like to take hot soups, but love cold soups. If you are a first time soup maker, then you should follow this important tips.This tip will help you to finish your work in the kitchen fast and also make the soup delicious.

  1. Always select fresh vegetables to make the soup delicious, nutritious and colorful.

  2. Do not make the soup very spicy as it is served first when people are hungry. Adjust the seasoning as per your taste.

  3. A pressure cooker can also be used while making soup, as it helps in retaining the colour, flavor and nutrients. Cooking time is also reduced. But do not overcook vegetables. Vegetables taste good when cooked in low flame.

  4. A blender or a mixer is also useful for pureeing vegetables to make a soup. But remember to cool the vegetables to room temperature before pouring it in a mixer.

  5. Always serve the soup hot. Serve with salt and pepper, so that one can add according to his taste. Can serve soup with soup biscuits or crisp bread croutons.


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