Tuesday, December 12

How to Get Free Samples of Stuff

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We’ve all done it. Bought a new product because the package looked great, and because the design was cool, and been disappointed when we tried the actual product. It is annoying, and sometimes even rather wasteful. So what can you do to avoid this in the future?

The answer is: free samples.

You see, free samples are given of most things these days, ranging from beauty products to chewing gum, and by trying the sample size first you will get an idea of how you really feel about the product itself before buying it.

Here is how to get free samples easily:

1.       Ask for them in stores where you shop regularly. A lot of stores do not like it if a customer they have never ever seen before comes up to a salesperson and demands lots of samples, but if you are a valued customer in a certain store, try your luck there.

2.       Some stores also have small samples lying around. If you spot these, always ask if it is okay to take a sample before doing so! This might get you even more samples!

3.       Joining special sample sites online.

Since a lot of people have realized the advantage of samples, a lot of people constantly look for them, online and elsewhere. This is why there are several websites out there today that offer to provide these samples for people. Some of these websites are specialized in one particular field, such as beauty samples, but most of them offer all sorts of samples.

You can find these sites by writing words such as “samples”, “free samples” or “freebies” into a search engine.

4.       Visit product sites. When a new product is launched, especially by a big company, the company normally makes a website about the new product. And if you visit this website, you can often get a free sample! So make this a habit, if you just have the time for it.


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