Friday, December 15

You Can Study More Effectively

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If your grades are slipping, you might need to change your study habits. Check out these five simple ways to study more effectively and put yourself back on the road to academic success.

• Turn Off the Radio & TV

Although many of us think the radio and TV playing while we study doesn’t impact our ability to concentrate – it’s not true. Our brains process everything we hear – even when we’re sleeping. However, without distraction, most of us are more effective if we process on thing at a time.

• Memorize Keywords Instead of Paragraphs

Reading and trying to memorize paragraphs of information is a tough task. Studying can be much easier if you break the paragraphs down into a few keywords and memorize them instead.

• Turn a List of Keywords into a Rhyme or Song

Another trick to retain information is to take your keywords and make them into a rhyme or a song. Many studies find it can be much easier to remember things that way.

• Write Your Keywords on a Piece of Paper 10 Times Each

Repetition can be the key to success. An old trick is to take each keyword and write it on a piece of paper ten times (or more) while you say it out loud. It may sound so simple; but it works.

• Create Your Own Flash Cards

Another old trick you might remember from your childhood may work just as well for you as an adult. If you take 3″ x 5″ cards and write a single study note on each, you can create your own flash card deck. Put a question on the front and answer on the back – then test yourself until you get them all right.

With a few simple adjustments to your study habits, you can quickly reap the benefits of being more effective with the time spent learning any subject.


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