Monday, December 11

Why Bukisa ? You Have Done So !

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Bukisa has announced new earning policy suddenly and it has created a lot of panic and frustration among its writers. I am not sure how it will help and favor its writers. But one thing is sure that Bukisa would have considered its writers before taking such a major step. They could ask for opinion from its members for new earning policy. I am really surprised and shocked by the move which has been fired without any intimation. Does it mean Bukisa is not considering its writers as its asset and valuable? Google agreed to put its ads on Bukisa due to its huge writer base. But now those writers are feeling ignored and cornered. Why can’t Bukisa have alternative earning model?

Bukisa is forced to take such an unpopular step due to some spamming issues. Unfortunately they were not able to find any alternative method to cop up with this undesirable practice by some members. It is just like that you are getting punishment due to others mistakes or misdeeds. It is not fair for innocent members.

It is my humble request to Bukisa admin, please find the way for those who don’t have adsense account or whose adsense account is banned by Google due to some reasons. I hope that Bukisa admin will take this request in consideration and do the needful in the favor of writers. I am sure it would be win-win situation for both Bukisa and its writers.


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