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Top Melissa & Doug Toys

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As you shop for your children during the holiday season, you should check out the top Melissa & Doug toys. Melissa & Doug specialize in many adorable toys, from educational toys to play food. Many of the toys offered from this brand are wooden, but they are colorful, adorable, and allow children to use their imagination and learn! Children can pretend they are decorating their very own cupcakes or learn how to spell short words.

You can find toys from Melissa & Doug in stores both online and offline. If you would like to do a little Christmas shopping online, here are a few of the top selling Melissa & Doug toys on

Melissa & Doug Wooden Sandwich-Making Set.
Children can pretend they are making food for themselves or their loved ones with this sandwich-making set from Melissa & Doug. Each piece in this colorful set has Velcro on it, to keep the sandwiches together. When children pretend to cut it with the wooden knife, they will hear a crunch sounds. The Melissa & Doug Wooden Sandwich-Making Set comes with sixteen wooden pieces, including meat, vegetables, and bread. All of the pieces can be stored in the wooden crate included.

Melissa & Doug Wooden Shape Sorting Clock.
Children can learn about shapes, colors, and telling time with this colorful wooden shape sorting clock. This clock is full of bright colors, big numbers, and different shapes. As children learn to tell time on this clock, they will also learn how to identify the numbers, shapes, and colors included. The hour and minute hands can be moved around the clock when teaching children how to tell time. The shapes have numbers on them and can come out of the shape sorting clock. This encourages children to match each shape with its correct place.

Melissa & Doug See & Spell.
The Melissa & Doug See & Spell set will help children to practice their spelling. The set comes with two-sided wooden boards with pictures on them and over fifty wooden letters. Children can place the letters into the spaces on the wooden boards to spell out three and four latter words.

Melissa & Doug Bake and Decorate Cupcake Set.
If child love to engage in pretend play, then they will love the Melissa & Doug Bake and Decorate Cupcake Set. They can pretend they are baking and decorating their own cupcakes! Children can use the wooden pieces and dry erase markers to decorate the cupcakes. This set includes one cupcake tray, one oven mitt, three dry erase markers in the shape on icing tubes, four cupcakes, four wipe-off cupcake tops, four wooden candles and flames, and eight cupcake sleeves. Children will love pretending to bake cupcakes for their family!

Melissa & Doug Pizza Party.
This is another toy from Melissa & Doug that will allow children to use their imaginations. They can pretend they are working in their own pizza place or throwing a pizza party for all of their friends! This wooden pizza set includes the toy pizza, 54 pieces of pizza toppings, a pizza cutter, and a wooden pizza server.

While you can find the top Melissa and Doug toys on Amazon, you can also find them in stores such as Toys ‘R’ Us and Target. You can pick one Melissa & Doug toy for your little one, or buy him or her a few to play with! Your child will love whichever toy from Melissa and Doug you choose to give your him or her this holiday season! Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!


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