Thursday, December 14

Useful And Good Shaving Tips For Men Or Man

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The closer you cut, the more chances of hair getting stuck inside the hair follicle.

While many men admit that they’d rather try to avoid shaving if they had their way, there’s no denying the fact that there are only so many days that one can go without shaving. One of the biggest problems that shaving can cause is those painful ingrowths that sometimes simply refuse to go away. Ingrowths occur when the shaved hair gets trapped inside the follicle or simply grows back into the skin causing redness or scars.

There are several ways you can avoid this problem. 

  • Use a product that contains salicylic acid. This ingredient exfoliates and moisturises your skin and opens pores so that there are lesser chances of infection. Using a post-shave product that has salicylic acid will greatly protect your skin.

  • When you purchase a product, always opt for non- acnegenic shaving creams meant for sensitive skin and avoid using alcohol based products, they dry your skin and create more ingrowths.

  • Although you may find it strange at first, exfoliating or scrubbing away the dead skin on your face will greatly reduce ingrowths. Use a daily face scrub and notice the difference.

  • Sometimes, the way you shave may be the problem. If you’re shaving very closely, stop doing that the closer you cut, the more chances of hair getting stuck inside the hair follicle. Avoid pulling the skin when you shave and pressing the blade down too much. Shaving with grain means shaving in the direction of how the hair grows on your face. Going against will cause redness, rashes and ingrown hairs.



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