Monday, December 18

Up And Coming Green Professions

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If you find yourself without a profession, you might want to take a trip to your local college or technical institute and look into training for these up and coming green professions.

• Wind Power

Wind power is inexpensive, efficient and a natural resource that has been used for hundreds of years. You can train to be a wind turbine specialist and your wallet may get greener with the planet.

• Solar Power

Like wind power, solar power is also inexpensive and efficient. If you train to be a solar system designer, installer or repair technician you can go green and boost your income at the same time.

• Energy-Efficient Automobiles

It’s a must – not a dream – society has accepted that we must have more energy efficient automobiles. Jobs in automobile engineering, design, assembly and repair will be in high demand – especially for those models offering the greatest efficiency.

• Mass Transit

An increase of people looking for public transportation to help save the planet will open up multiple jobs in the mass transit industry. Planning engineers, equipment designers, construction, operators and maintenance crews will be needed to build and sustain an infrastructure far into the future.

• Building Retrofitting

Taking an existing building and retrofitting it to be green and more efficient is also increasing in popularity. Heating, air conditioning, power and water systems will need to be changed and upgraded. Thankfully, this should create jobs again in the trades.

So if you’re looking for a new profession, don’t overlook the opportunities green careers can afford you. Take a trip to your local college or technical institute and look into training for a green profession.


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