Thursday, December 14

Most Needed Professions in The United States

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In a tough economy, trying to land a job can be a challenging endeavor. It becomes just a little easier if you know which jobs are most needed. Here is a list of some of the most needed professions in the United States.

• Computer Technician

With the increase in computer usage – even in the home – it’s no wonder computer technicians are in great demand. Some training programs are a short as two years. Microsoft Certifications are a plus for anyone in the computer job market.

Personal Trainer

An increase in fitness awareness – especially among young professionals – is creating a high demand for qualified personal trainers. Trainers who are knowledgeable in both exercise and nutrition are the most valuable.


This is a career for all time. In a good economy or bad – the world will always need nurses to help bring us back to health. And since the ratio of nurses to doctors is higher, we’ll always need more nurses.

Dental Assistant

Much like in the nursing profession, dental assistants out number dentists. Therefore, this makes this profession needed in higher numbers and there are many training programs available to get you going.

Veterinary Technician

People love their pets – especially in the United States – and many people actually spend more money on the health care of their pets than they do on themselves. This puts veterinary technicians in high demand. Coupled with a high technician to vet ratio, this is another winning career choice.

If you’re trying to land a job or decide on which profession to train for, you might want to consider one of the vocations above. Pursuing a career in high demand can give you an edge in the job market and increases your chance of becoming gainfully employed.


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