Sunday, December 17

Citizen Kane Analysis

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One particular scene that stood out was the scene at the Chicago office of the Inquirer, where Kane sees Leland after four years of separation. As Kane enters Leland’s office to find him passed out drunk on his typewriter, the script calls for Kane to be angry but this is not seen in the movie. Instead of an angry expression on his face, he stares at Leland with a sense of disappointment. Leland’s actions definitely permit Kane to be disappointed. According to Bernstein, Leland had never been drinking prior to this article. The article criticizing his friend’s wife must have placed him under a lot of stress. Agonizing over whether or not to tell the truth could have led him to start drinking again.

            Shortly after this, Kane takes the partially written article and begins to dictate more of the article that he himself makes up. It is at this point where it is difficult to tell how Kane feels about his wife’s singing and acting abilities or about Leland in general. In the movie, as he starts making up the rest of the article, he puts a smile on his face and is clearly not looking at the paper when he spoke it showing that the entire thing was coming from his own mind. The laughter could be seen as pity towards Leland, however Kane chooses to finish the piece according to what Leland had already written. Kane then proceeds to fire Leland, which only further adds to the confusion regarding their relationship.

            The transition that occurs just before Leland wakes up is very appropriate. The word “weak” is typed onto a piece of paper shows that someone is continuing the article with Leland’s original intention. Without this simple transition, the audience would only hear the typing sounds in the background with nothing to tie those sounds to. The audience would not be informed until Bernstein tells Leland that Kane is finishing his article. Leland himself came to the conclusion that Kane would change the article to favor his wife. He was shocked to find out Kane kept it the same as Leland envisioned it, however the audience was already informed of this thanks to the transition.


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