Sunday, December 17

Kenneth Copeland is The Greatest Living Evangelist Today

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It is a real pleasure to use these latest Compaq laptops.  With their wide screens and super performance one gets to see anything as you would on television. Since the time I took mine Compaq C-60, Ive been enjoying the oldest Hollywood hits, business web sites and of course the live broadcasts of some of the greatest living evangelists today.

One such person whose messages on the Internet touched me so much is Brother Copeland. Dr. Kenneth Copeland recently was at his best in the last of his ‘Believers Conventions’ he holds every once in a while. The South West Believers Convention which Copeland held this year at Fort Worth, Texas must have been the best even for him. Those seven days he preached…my God, it stirred up my faith like never before. Particularly at this time of world recession, it blasted my unbelief in God like nothing ever before.

There were other speakers like Jerry Savelle, Jesse Duplantis, Creflo Dollar and Copeland’s pretty wife Gloria who each gave many thought provoking sermons. But the most touching message came from Copeland himself. He said “Do not worry about anything. Did you realize that every living creature even if it was a small bug had to eat? Then why should Man whom God made in His image worry about what to eat? Did the God of Genesis not promise everything to His people? I was much blessed by this statement. Faith has stirred up in me all over again.

Does anyone know that Copeland has an airport attached to his huge ministry estate? He said he was once a commercial pilot before he joined Brother Roberts’s University at Tulsa in Oklahoma. He has several airplanes now to carry him all over the world to preach the gospel. Another thing which struck me was he said “I make my living not by toiling but my giving.” It is true. God has blessed this mighty man of God with all prosperity. I heard his grand daughter is to be married to Billy Graham’s grandson. 


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