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It Is Easy To Choose a Television Set

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These days the issue is not only about which program to watch on the TV, but also the type of TV you want see it on. There are numerous brands and variety of TV available on the market. Some points to help you make your selection.

Direct-View TVs come with an incredible picture quality and are less expensive than flat panel TV. You can get small screens at 9 inches to big ones up to 40 inches. It can be good fun to entertain yourself with Playstation 3 on them. The screen is flat and allows you to see well from almost angles. It is believed by a few that this TV does not give the feel of being in it as compared to other kinds of television.

You also get very good quality image with Rear Projection televisions and they can be said to be better as compared to TV of latest technologies. It is much more affordable as compared to other TVs of this category, but the negative is that it is very bulky. You will find that few of the models are almost 30 inches deep which makes it tough to fit them into a regular TV cabinet. You may even find it difficult to move them as they are very heavy. Rear Projection televisions have to be fine tuned by a professional to maintain proper quality of the picture. 

Smaller size rear projection TV’s are known as Microdisplays and they offer sharp pictures with no shadows. You may not be able to watch it comfortably when the distance is short and you will have to keep it in a big room.

There are decent black levels in the DLP rear projections and they provide smooth pictures, but you may find “noise” or sparkles in some parts screen. This also offers a rainbow effect at times particularly when you shift your eyes fast. LCO’s are designed with good resolutions, and a few have a resolution of 1080×1920. You will also have to pay a higher price for it.

Flat Panel TVs have been a huge evolution in the TV world and is appreciated not just for the resolution but also the form factor. You can place them elegantly in a living room and they look as sleek as a sculpture. The shape is handy shape which means that they occupy less space. Main disadvantage is the burning in of stationary pictures while the LCD Flat TV does not suffer from burn in issue.

Selecting the correct TV involves several factors as well as your personal choice and budget.


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