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Rebounders – Bounce Your Way to Being Fitter And Healthier

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Rebounders or the indoor trampoline have been in the pipeline since Einstein developed his theory on gravity. He stated the human body could not differentiate between acceleration, deceleration and gravity. This led the way for rebounding for the medicinal qualities which can be had from rebounding.

It was in 1938 Victor Green inherited the idea and prototype from Ed Green the first small trampoline. It was only in 1975, that Green, had it patented. Albert E Carter’s book “The Miracle of Rebound Exercise” in 1977 became a hit as he announced scientific evidence for rebounding being the most effective and efficient form of exercise.

In the early 1980s, $72 billion was spent on rebounders, most of them were of poor quality and the fad began. In 1983, rebounder manufacturers shut down due to cheaper, inferior quality products from overseas companies.

After a poor start and scientific evidence, rebounding began to become more popular. The fact it brings cardiovascular workouts and balance training, which helps massively towards body conditioning, is becoming more widespread and it is one exercise which does not put added stress on muscles, joints and the heart.

The Health Advantages of Rebounders

The human body needs to move to stay healthy. The heart will pump blood around the body, but its the lymph system which needs physical exercise to excrete waste fluid and remain in good working order. The benefits of this are:

  • Strengthens the immune system

  • Reduces body fat which in turn reduces the risk of diabetes

  • An aerobic exercise which is good for the heart and lungs

  • Improved circulation of oxygen to tissue and normalisation of blood pressure

  • Increases red bone marrow which produces red blood cells

  • Reduces depression by enlightening the mood

  • Muscle tone and fitness

  • PMS discomfort is lessened

Here’s a video showing what NASA think of rebounding :

Different Types of Rebounders Exercise

They aren’t trampolines. With rebounders you have to push down, trampolines push you up. This is where the effort is required, and with effort comes exertion and hence fitness.

Here are some workouts:

  • Health Healing bounce – conditioning you body with moderate bounces. Just two minutes per day will flush the entire lymph system.

  • High Strength Bounce – This is as rewarding as a pull up, sit up or chip up. Staying light on your feet, but deliberately exerting more pressure than normal.

  • Cardio Bounce – Jogging on a rebounder, jumping jacks, kicking and punching, all of these can be construed as effective cardiovascular fitness regimes.

There are many poor quality rebounders which could actually do you harm to joints such as the ankles and knees. Spending wisely will see your fitness levels increase quicker. Remember, two poor rebounders cost more than one decent one, buy one, and buy one once.


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