Friday, December 15

Spinal Depcompression Theory Press Release

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Back pain sufferers from all over the wolrd can now rejoice as chiropractors has a machine to save squashed vertebrae.

Humans are constantly under pressure from gravitational forces which squash the delicately soft discs which interject our spines. Over time the discs can rub and chafe against nerves, leading to severe discomfort. Medication only masks the underlying problem.

Dustin Sterling Astran, the executive director of a chiropractic company said, “We now offer our patients a sophisticated machine which gently undoes the forces which are against spinal tissue”. He went on to suggest, “Our main objective has been to stop decompression of the spine and the machine has blown away our expectations”.

Spinal Decompression Therapy, as with many chiropractic treatment, always has skeptics ready and waiting to pounce. However, in an independent study, Dr Thomas A. Gionis had 219 patients stretched by a device and had a 92% success rate.

Brian Griffin, who participated in the experiment said, “My back had been causing me pain for years, I have tried all of the medicines and acupuncture. Nothing has been more helpful than spinal decompression therapy”.

Many sufferers of back pain notice neck and shoulder pain also. Headaches can be a common occurrence too. Once the spine has been gently pulled away from nerves, which have vital communications to and from the brain, the body is able restore its natural balance again.

A spinal decompression machine uses the Pettibon system, which is a table with straps for the feet and gently tilts to stretch the pain causing vertebrae. This stretching, with pauses in between, helps the spine’s mobility and increases the normal function of the facet joints. Discs, which are soft, pulpy matter that connect the bones of the spine together, are restored back to their normal size.

It is not only Gaithersburg which offers this machine, all over Maryland the clinics are supplying them; Rockville, Bethesda, Silver Spring, Germantown and Potomac are all highly equipped and ready with fully licensed chiropractors and massage therapists.

One such therapist, Lisa Holland, from the Rockville clinic said, “It’s fantastic to work here and see the development of patients who come through the door”. She added, “They come in limping and all stiff, and leave being more supple and invigorated”.

Spinal decompression therapy is known to help not only lower back pain but sciatica, disc herniations and cervical neck bone problems. This drug free and natural way of treating adults and children is becoming more accepted by the majority, especially when results Dr. Gionis discovered.

Gravity may be all around us and cannot be stopped, but its effects can be reversed with a little time and some spinal decompression therapy. chiropractors offers its patients a natural approach to wellness.

Another happy patient, Dorothy Brannan 63 from Gaithersburg said, “I feel free again, I have more mobility now than I did 20 years ago”.


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