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Ear Infections In Kids Can Be Helped By a Chiropractor…yes Really!

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Combating ear infections with chiropractic treatment versus traditional methods

Ear infections can be very unpleasant and unfortunately are very common in young children, however the are also present in adults. Many people tend to opt for the use of painkillers and other drugs to relief the pain. These are simply a way of masking the pain rather than controlling and determine the actual cause. Here we look at the advantages to using chiropractic methods of treatment versus that of traditional methods and why infections of the ear occur.

  • What is an ear infection and why use a chiropractor

There are two main forms of infections of the ear that affect us, the first is Otitis Media. The middle section of the ear becomes inflamed or infected, in addition to pains in the ear or ears symptoms such as fever, sickness and occasionally dizziness are present. Children are more prone to this infection from as young as 2 years old as other infections such as a cold can reach the ears easier than that of an adult as the Eustachian tubes are shorter.

The second infection is known as Otitis Extrena, this type of infection is due to the presence of fungi or bacteria and effects the outer ear canal. Those with this infection may experience pain to the ears, this pain may be heightened when movement their jaw, fever and the ear may become itchy. The infection is generally caused due to moistness in the ear hence those participating in water activities such as swimming may experience this.

Although the above infection types are more frequent in children, adults can also have problems. They are typically cause by an infection to the Eustachian tube due to contracting a cold or flu for example. However adult should obtain treatment swiftly as side effects can be more serious such as temporary loss of hearing.

  • The advantages of Chiropractic for ear infections

Using over the counter or prescription drugs for ear infections will only dull the pain you or your child is experiencing for a short while. Opting for natural solutions is not only best for your body and well being but it will also determine if there is an underlying cause to those who experience infections frequently.

Some techniques used include:

  1. Natural adjustment. When you initially visit us, we will first examine your spine this will enable us to check if any nerve tension is present. If so then natural adjustment is the best solution. Children can also be treated this way as it is extremely safe. The pressure in which is applied is much less than that of an adult.

  2. Adults who are over the age of 65 may have ear infections that are effecting their balance or they may suffer from vertigo. Treatments for these cases may include a Epleys procedure. The procedure is not surgical and the purpose is to reposition debris that is located in the posterior canal another section that is not as sensitive.


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