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Pregnancy Related Lower Back Pain

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Pregnancy related lower back pain

During your pregnancy your may experience lower back pain. With the assistance of a chiropractor this pain can be managed. It is entirely safe to visit a chiropractor when pregnant and in many ways can also benefit you and your baby. We detail what treatments are available, and what these benefits are as a result of treating your lower back pain.

In the US it is vastly recorded that up to half of pregnant women to suffer from lower back pains during pregnancy as the gravity centre will move more towards the centre of your pelvis, additionally you may have more pressure in your lower back due to the natural weight gain that will occur. You may notice that the position in which you now sleep especially in your second and third trimester has changed. This can also contribute to the pain in your lower back, as poor posture may become an issue.

While many try home pain relief techniques such as a hot water bottles and gentle exercise, many are seeking and benefiting from professional chiropractic techniques which include the following:

Therapeutic massage, this can be extremely relaxing. It is a gentle pain relief technique and is tailored to your own body in terms of size for example. Many women will visit on a regular basis due to the level of pain they experience especially in their back once they get within the later stages of their pregnancy.

Spinal adjustment is another treatment, many woman are opting for adjustment treatment for their lower back pain when pregnant. It is entirely safe and chiropractors are trained to tailor the technique to pregnant women. You will even be pleased to hear that tables have been created especially for this purpose, this makes the experience more comfortable for you. There are many ways in which adjustment can be performed however in pregnancy and for the relief of back pain table adjustments are the most common.

You will be requested lie face down on a table that has various sections at alternative levels to suit your body and requirements. Your chiropractor will then press firmly yet safely at those sections that are dropped. It is a very satisfying technique and has additional benefits such as posture improvement and stress relief. Additionally chiropractors may use manipulation techniques, these are similar to adjustments but involve twisting motions. Both methods aim to relieve your lower back pain and to improve the motion of your spinal joints.

Visiting a chiropractor branch, is a great and safe way to relief your lower back pain whilst pregnant. With various techniques offered you will also find that they can benefit your baby. Visiting on a regular basis will not only help control your pains but assist in the development of an optimal birthing position for your baby. During your treatment if on a regular basis you will learn that your treatments will help with flexibility and balance of the uterine ligament.


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