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Understanding Neck Pain And How You Can Solve It

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Understanding Neck Pain

If you are experiencing pain around your neck area visiting us will not only help determine the root cause of your problem but also find a way of managing this pain. Neck pain is surprisingly common, and left untreated can cause the feeling to worsen and possibly do damage that could have been prevented. Here we will help you understand neck pains, their causes and how we can help you.

The moment you feel uncomfortable due to these pains, you should make an appointment with your chiropractor, pains whether they feel minute or excessive should all be seen to. Our chiropractors are well trained in dealing with minor and major problems. If your neck is stiff, aches or is sore for more than one day or the symptoms come and go frequently then the issue should be addressed.

Your neck, is known as the cervical area of your spine. Problems in this area that are left to long could affect other areas of your body and cause muscular and back pains. When you come to our clinic your designated chiropractor will assess your personal situation in order to make an accurate diagnoses.

We will need to know if you have recently had an accident, even the smallest of things such as a slight trip or an awkward movement, this will help in your diagnoses.

If you have had a more serious accident such as a crash or have a suspected fracture, your chiropractor will undertake an x-ray of your spine. You may wonder why your whole spine may need x-rayed, well don’t worry this is simply a precaution. If you are experiencing pains in your neck this could be a symptom of another underlying problem.

Your spine is made up of five sections which from top to bottom are your cervical, this is your neck region, the thoracic, the lumbar, sacrum and finally the coccyx. Know you understand why a whole spine examination is required you may recall and event where you injured your lower back. Every small detail should be discussed with your chiropractor. You may not have an accident, but you should also consider any emotional stress you have experienced as this can also result in neck pain.

Once the cause of your pain has been determined, your chiropractor will then discuss various treatment methods with you depending on the problem. These include frequent massages or maybe even decompression. This involves a pleasant stretching of the spin, it is very relaxing and the long term goal is to repair damaged spinal plates whilst soothing any pains you have. Your chiropractor will also be happy to provide tips such as posture, which you can additionally perform at home in your own time also.

To summarize whether you are experience slight neck pain or extreme pains, if these are regular or prolonged it is advised to seek advice. The cause of your pain could be a sign of another underlying issue you may not have otherwise considered.


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