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Dealing With Children's Headache Pains With a Chiropractor

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Many children suffer from painful headaches, these can be frequent, chronic and very uncomfortable for the younger generation. We provide a welcoming, calming, informative and most importantly a safe chiropractic solution to your child’s problem. Here we explain why headache pains occur in children and how we can help in controlling the issue.

A headache can be a painful and uncomfortable problem, and if frequent should be looked at. Headaches are pains that are felt in areas of the head and even down to the neck, they come in different forms and have various side effects, these include:

  • Migraines, these are a result of a drop in the blood flow to blood vessels to the head and neck and your child may tell you they feel nauseous, bright lights hurt their eyes and the pain is in one specific place. Migraines are particularly unpleasant as they can last for a few hours and even for days. Some causes of this specific headache include lack of sleep, stress, tension of muscles and even the consumption of certain foods containing preservatives and sweeteners which are often present in many convenience foods.

  • Tension headaches, these are caused by contractions of muscles in the neck and head. Although adults tend to suffer more from these, children who are lacking in sleep or stressed may be prone to tension headaches. Your child my inform you that the pain they are experiencing is around the whole head rather than in one specific place, also they may have a tightening sensation towards the back of their neck.

Many parents are now seeking natural treatments for their children hence chiropractic care is becoming extremely popular. Additionally parents and other patients who have frequent headache pains visit a chiropractor as the most common reason for a headache is a subluxation. This is a professional term for an issue regarding the bones in the neck not supporting the head the way in which they should be. This will therefore result nerve or muscle issues.

This is rather common in children who have headache pains as the muscles around the neck area, can become fatigued as a result of high activity.

When initially visiting your chiropractor, you should explain the types of headache pains your child is experiencing such as those above, you should also state if their seems to be a pattern in terms of frequency or if they occur after a particular activity or food is consumed.

Food can be a major fracture in these pains, allegories can also trigger headaches so taking note of the food your child eats can help determine the root cause of the problem thus aiding in establishing the correct treatment.

Treatments can be as simple as cutting out specific food such as nuts or those high in artificial colourants or sweeteners. They may also include massage treatments or relaxation treatments and techniques that can be provided by your chiropractor depending on the issue.


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