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Getting to Capri, Italy

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Visitors to Capri will find that there is no direct air, land or sea link to the island, a fact which while making it more difficult to reach, has also kept Capri something of an elite destination. If you wish to visit you must go through Naples, Sorrento, Positano or Amalfi with Naples being the most popular and usually the most convenient route. You will arrive at Naples either by air, train or car. Once in Naples the port is a short taxi ride from the city center. Take heed with taxi drivers in Naples however, as they will typically try their best to accept fares without turning on the meter instead inventing an inflated rate at ride’s end. Insist that the meter be turned on as soon as you enter the vehicle and do not accept any excuses.

Once at the port, collect your luggage and locate the ticket booths for ferries to the island. There are several companies running the route during high season (summer) and thus you will have the option to purchase tickets for several brands of traghetto (slow ferry) or hydrofoil (fast ferry). The slower of the two takes about 1.5 hours to reach Capri and the faster about 45 minutes. Keep in mind that rates can vary somewhat, as can departure times so read all the signs and buy the one that works for you. The most convenient way to go is of course the fast boat, but if money is an issue, the slow one will get you there for less.

Arrivals at the island depart at Marina Grande, a half-moon shaped cove with marina and waterside facilities on the north side of the island. From here it is possible to reach any part of the island in a matter of minutes by taxi, or at a slower pace by minibus or funicular. The island’s buses run as any city buses but they are smaller so that they may better navigate the tight and twisty roadways of Capri. The funicular lifts passengers to the level of Anacapri during a five minute ride. Taxis are costly and rates depend on your destination, but all buses and the funicular cost 1.30Euro/$1.70 and will get you there. The only hang up is luggage. If you have any, go with the taxi. The buses are very small inside and even if you can get your bags on, you will not make any friends doing so. If your hotel is in Capri, you may even be able to walk to it through the mostly pedestrian and fairly level streets. If your hotel is located in the elevated portion of the island, Anacapri, a taxi, the funicular, or a hotel shuttle bus (which are provided by a few of the better Anacapri hotels) are the only ways to go.


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