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The Wec's Dominick Cruz Becomes The First Ufc Bantamweight Champion

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WEC 53 from Glendale, AZ-WEC 53 makes history in Glendale Arizona on December 16, 2010. Dominick Cruz becomes the first UFC Bantamweight champion while still fighting in the WEC. He was the WEC Bantamweight champion and brought his championship into the UFC by beating Scott Jorgensen with a unanimous decision. Look for many more WEC fighters to merge into the UFC as the WEC eventually becomes part of the UFC. In the co-Main Event, Pettis win the WEC lightweight championship with his unanimous decision over Ben Henderson. Both fighters should do well in the UFC against the great UFC lightweight fighters. Look for 2011 to be a great year for MMA fighters as the WEC and UFC become one.

Kamal shalorus vs. Bart Palaszewski-The crowd cheers for Palaszewski and boos Shalorus, this is a lightweight fight.

Round One-Shalorus gets Palaszewski down on the ground with a slam and pounds on the other fighter. Shalorus lands thunderous body shots. Shalorus lands some incredible ground and pound. Palaszewski finally gets up on his feet with one minute left in round one. Shalorus lands some very powerful leg kicks. Round One to Shalorus

Round Two-Palaszewski’s body is getting as red as his colored hair. His corner tells him he needs to keep the fight standing because he took a pounding on the mat. Palaszewski lands some jabs while Shalarus throws hard punches. Palaszewski lands a good head kick, but not good enough for the KO. Kamal takes Bart down with one and a half minutes left in round two. Palaszewski tries to tie up Shalorus. Shalorus lands a few body shots. Bart gets up, but gets pounded with some great shots to the head. Shalorus probably wins a closer round two with the takedown.

Round Three-Kamal lands a good left-hook at the beginning of round three. Paleszewski lands another good head kick. He is trying more in round three and Kamal seems a bit tired on his feet. He takes Palaszewski down with over two minutes left in round three. Shalarus tries a little ground and pound. It is not as good as round two because he is a tired fighter. The fighters get on their feet and Palaszewski lands a great head kick and knee. He lands another knee and a decent punch on Shalorus. Round three should go to Palaszewski. Shalorus wins a split decision. However, I believe it should have been a unanimous decision.

Donald Cerrone vs. Chris Horodecki in a lightweight bout

Round One-Cerrone looks angry as he steps into the ring. Herb Dean is the referee. Cerrone is much taller than Horodecki. Cerrone comes out with a jab and a kick; he lands a knee and a groin kick, timeout. Cerrone gets the takedown and nearly gets the mount. Horodecki escapes and the fighters are back on their feet. Horodecki finally lands a combination. Cerrone lands a great counter knee as Horodecki comes in. Cerrone gets Horodecki’s back near the end of round one. Horodecki tried in round one, but Cerrone’s speed and skill were too much for him.

Round Two-Horodecki takes Cerrone to the ground with the advice of his corner. Cerrone gets a triangle and lands a few elbows to the head. Horodecki finally taps out. Ron Cerrone wins via the triangle over Chris Horodecki. Ron Cerrone showcased his skills well for when the UFC and WEC eventually combine into one.

Co-Main Event

Dominick Cruz vs. Scott Jorgensen for the WEC and UFC Bantamweight championship. This fight will be for the first UFC Bantamweight championship. This is the beginning of the UFC and WEC combining into one.

Round One-Jorgensen comes out with a red streak down the middle of his hair. Dominick is taller, with a longer reach. Jorgensen comes into the fight confident he will win. Both men step into the ring, meeting in the center with grumpy looks on their faces. Cruz dances around the ring, Jorgensen tries to catch him with punches. Dominick Cruz jabs and changes angles. Cruz lands a quick double right hand, Jorgensen tries to land a couple left jabs. Cruz lands a few good punches to the head, he lands another uppercut. Jorgensen gets Cruz’s back; he knees him to the thigh. Cruz gets away and dances around the ring. Jorgensen tries to land punches, but misses. Dominick Cruz lands a quick flurry of punches and kicks. Dominick dances his way to a victory in round one. His punches and kicks were too quick for Jorgensen. Jorgensen slams Cruz near the end of round one, Cruz reverses position as the bell rings.

Round Two-Cruz begins round two the same with quick punches and dancing. Jorgensen lands a couple of punches. Cruz takes Jorgensen to the ground. Cruz lands some ground and pound, he lands some good elbows to the head. Cruz lands a ton of punches to the body and elbows to the head of Jorgensen. Jorgensen stands back up with thirty seconds left in round two. Cruz greets Jorgensen with a huge knee, Another easy round for Cruz.

Round Three-Dominick Cruz knocks down Jorgensen with a quick right in round three. Jorgensen gets right back up on his feet. Cruz lands a nice head kick and follows up with fast leg kicks. Jorgensen is having trouble with the speed of Cruz. The right eye of Jorgensen begins to swell from the punching of Cruz. Cruz takes the fight to the ground and lands more ground and pound. Jorgensen reverses Cruz, but Cruz escapes. The bell rings with another easy win for Cruz in round three.

Round Four-Cruz lands a nice right hand and takes Jorgensen down. After taking some ground and pound Jorgensen gets back up on his feet. Jorgensen finally lands a good leg kick in the fourth round. Cruz continues to dance and land, he gets another takedown. He passes the guard, while Jorgensen grabs ahold of his leg. Round four goes to Dominick Cruz again.  Cruz wins another easy round.

Round Five-Dominick Cruz opens round five landing a flurry of great punches. After being pounded for three minutes, Jorgensen slams Cruz to the mat, Cruz gets right back up. Cruz takes Jorgensen to the mat and begins more ground and pound. Dominick Cruz wins a unanimous decision. He wins the WEC and UFC Bantamweight Championship. Dominick Cruz is the first ever UFC Bantamweight Champion. He ends the fight thanking his Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Co-Main event

Ben Henderson vs. Anthony Pettis- Ben Henderson is the 155 lb. champion-this is for the WEC lightweight championship, Herb Dean will be the referee

Round One-The fighters meet in the middle of the ring. Pettis refuses to touch the gloves of smooth Ben Henderson. Henderson throws a kick that is blocked by Pettis. Pettis throws a kick that misses, both men are feeling each other out. Henderson gets the clinch on Pettis, looking to take the fight to the ground. Henderson finally gets Pettis to the ground and against the fence. Henderson lands a few punches, Pettis tries in vain to land a triangle and an arm bar. Pettis lands a great head kick once the fighters jump back up on their feet. Pettis lands another kick to the body of Henderson. Henderson gets another takedown. This was a very close first round/ the takedowns may take it for Henderson.

Round Two-Both men land good leg kicks. Pettis lands a big right hand that knocks Henderson to the ground. Pettis tries for the back, but gets the slam instead. Henderson gets up and holds Pettis against the cage. He lands a couple of knees to the thighs of Pettis. Pettis lands another good right hand, Henderson follows with a kick to the body. He holds Pettis against the cage and lands knees to the body. Henderson lands a good body kick. Pettis goes for a flying knee to the head, but misses. Henderson lands a knee to the body of Pettis. Pettis lands a low kick and Ben shakes it off, the fight goes on. Both men miss with head kicks. Round two could go either way, but the advantage may go to Pettis with the knockdown.

Round Three-Pettis gets the takedown and gets the back of Henderson. Pettis spends much of the round on Henderson’s back and wins the round easily.

Round Four-A scramble ends with Henderson taking Pettis’ back and trying to get a rear-naked choke. It looked like Pettis would tap, but he escapes. He gets Henderson’s back, the fight is back on the ground and Pettis tries a guillotine. The fight is close after round four, this round could go to either fighter.

Round Five-another accidental groin kick from Pettis. This one really hurt Henderson. Pettis lands a good punch to the head that also hurts Henderson. The fighters get back on the ground and Henderson gets the advantage. The fight looks pretty even as it ends. Tie goes to the Champion right, not this time. Pettis wins a close unanimous decision to become the new WEC lightweight champion.

WEC 53 was both an exciting and a historical event. Henderson loses his lightweight championship in a close decision to Pettis. The fight gets fight of the night honors. Dominick Cruz wins the first UFC Bantamweight championship over Jorgensen. This is the first step in bringing the WEC into the UFC. There are some very exciting fighters in the WEC that should do well in the UFC. In The Preliminaries, Eddie Wineland wins the KO of the night with a KO while slamming Ken Stone to the ground. Look for more WEC fighters to fight for championship belts in the UFC in 2011 and beyond, let the merger begin. 


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