Monday, December 11

Five Tips on Quitting Smoking

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Everyone that has an addiction to smoking cigarettes knows that it is one of the hardest things to kick because of the one addicting chemical that is in the cigarettes nicotine. This substance makes you relaxed due to the fact it attacks your central nervous system and makes your heart beats faster. Once the nicotine wears out of your body you become a bit agitated and have a desire to put more nicotine in your system.

1.) One of the best thing for a person to do in order to quit smoking is have someone besides you that is willing to fight you when you want a cigarette. In other words a good friend or lover that is willing to make you kick your addiction.

2.) Set goals for yourself for example: set a goal to not smoke for a day or two.

3.) Do something else to keep your mind relax and out of smoking because when your stressed you want to smoke in order to relax yourself so you mine as well relax yourself before you do damage to your lungs with all the toxic in a cigarette.

4.) chew gum i heard this from a person that used to smoke chew gum because it is an addiction that can actually make you kick smoking.

5.) Never give up if you gonna give up think before you take another puff of that toxic stuff just think to yourself how many people will miss you because you died an early death because you decided to smoke for so long.

Hope this help you smokers out there and best wishes to you.


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