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Alternative Fuels, Hybrid Cars

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Population problem is growing every year in the world. So, engineers try all the methods in order to solve the problem. A new trend to solve the population problem is hybrid cars.

Hybrid cars are the cars, which run on at-least one alternate source of energy and gasoline. Most of the time that other alternate source of energy for hybrid cars is electricity (rechargable batteries) hence those are called electric hybrid cars. These new hybrid cars are innovative, efficient and affordable.

Here are the reasons why you should choose a hybrid car instead of conventional gasoline car:

  1. Hybrid cars are environment friendly. They can reduce pollution by 90 percent.

  2. Hybrid cars are economical in medium and long run than normal gasoline cars.

  3. Hybrid cars are more reliable than electric cars, as they have gasoline as an alternate fuel.

  4. Hybrid cars makes you less dependent on fossil fuels (gasoline).

  5. Hybrid cars are more efficient, as they have smaller engines.

  6. Hybrid cars help in “Greenhouse Effect”, as they lower the fuel emission.

  7. Hybrid cars improve mileage to a great extent.    

However, with all the advantages that a hybrid car can give you, there are also disadvantages. The main disadvantage of hybrid cars is that the retail price is quite expensive. Only people who have enough money can purchase hybrid cars. However, the twist in all this is that hybrid cars are actually cheaper when compared to conventional cars in the long run. If you compute the total fuel consumption of both cars, you will actually see that you can save a lot more money on hybrid cars.

Hybrid cars are relatively heavy because of the heavy batteries installed inside the car. This is why hybrid car manufacturers integrates smaller internal combustion engines and are constructed with light materials and should be aerodynamic in order to maximize efficiency. This means that hybrid cars can never really go fast.

Another issue about hybrid cars is that it is very risky in accidents. What makes a hybrid car work effectively is also what makes it risky if it ever gets involved in an accident. This is because hybrid cars stores high amount of voltage in its batteries. This means that there is a high chance of getting electrocuted when you get involved in an accident. This also means that it is relatively difficult for rescuers to get the drivers and passengers out of the hybrid cars because of the dangers of high voltage in the car.

These are the advantages and the disadvantages of hybrid cars. Car manufacturers today are now looking for ways to get rid of the disadvantages of hybrid cars. In the near future, you will see that hybrid cars will be lighter and also contains less risk due to high voltage dangers.


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