Friday, December 15

Eight Easy Ways Your Cat Can Manipulate You!

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Many cat owners soon find out that they don’t own the cat, but the cat owns you! The trick is to recognize the cat’s pattern before he gets you sucked into his master plan.

1)Cats will very often pit one pet owner against another. If mama gives kitty a treat, he will make sure that daddy doesn’t know that and  then asks for seconds, feigning as if he never got the treat in the first place.

2)When you cat decides his litter box isn’t quite as clean as he wants it to be, he will make sure he intentionally tosses more litter out of his box to get your attention.

3)Cats don’t verbalize, but they do talk by their actions.  Cats will have their share of temper tantrums. If he doesn’t like his food or wants more water, he will find a way to knock over his bowl in protest.

4)Cats, like dogs, love to snuggle up into mama or daddy’s big, cozy bed.  You are too tired to argue the point, so you let little Fluffy or Rover share your night time space. You figure it’s a one time thing.  You couldn’t be more wrong. Once your feline feels comfortable in your bed, it’s his for life.

5)When it’s time for a visit to the veterinarian, your cat is one step ahead of you. He watches your every move and when he has to be put into his pet taxi, he heads south of the border. The trick is trying to catch him before you turn fifty.

6)Cats love to play the old hide the favorite toy scam. That’s where cats will deliberately hide their favorite toy, in hopes for mama to get a new one. Some cats are brazen enough not to hide it, but just to expect at least one new toy per week.

7)In addition to hiding their toys, cats will themselves.  When mama or daddy leave unexpectedly, they want payback. That generally entails hiding in a new spot that no one knows about.

8)When the pet owner decides to eat what is commonly known as “human” food to the cat, he expects to at least be offered what mama or daddy is eating. If the pet owner doesn’t comply, expect a good old fashioned cat snub. That means in translation, his ass in your face, and him looking at the wall.

We love our cats dearly and couldn’t live without them.  It’s just that we have to be aware of their behavior and act accordingly when these events transpire. Each cat has a distinctive personality and that’s where the fun begins.  You can age gracefully by listening to these tips, or learn to hide those gray hairs that will be popping  up, if you don’t.



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