Monday, December 11

The Shower Soap Dance

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We have all heard of various types of dancing; The polka, waltz, tap, ballet, disco, modern or square.  There’s another dance that most of us have tackled without even knowing about it.

The shower soap dance can easily be figured out if you dissect the title and put it together. When each of us take a shower and lather ourselves with soap, there’s a momentum that comes with the territory. That momentum is immediately disrupted when  the slippery soap takes a nose dive in the shower. The expression of disgust can be seen by most humans within a mile of the soap incident.  If that isn’t bad enough, the pounding shower complicates things even more. You attempt to pick up the soap, but the water becomes a hindrance. One might be able to put on gloves and use a butterfly net to pick up that pesky bar of soap. If they ever wanted to make up a new Olympic sport, soap harpooning is right up there on the list.

The shower soap dance is similar to stepping on hot coal, or fire walking, as it’s known in ancient times. You have to be very keen on the footwork, along with being able to pick up the soap with one swift swipe. If one isn’t normally coordinated, than this dance is not for you. You don’t always have a choice, of course.  Wet soap seems to have a mind of it’s own. The whole key is knowing when it will strike and be ready for it.

Some people prefer baths to showers.  I find baths to be most relaxing. The only problem is if you drop something in the tub while you’re taking a bath, you then need to put on your snorkel mask and go down and hunt for it.  Reminds me of a scene from “Flipper.” Both, shower soap dancing and bath snorkeling will add new meaning to the term ‘water’ sports.


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