Monday, December 11

Tna Wrestling And Hulk Hogan

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TNA Wrestling may not have been drawing in huge numbers of fans in the past, but their ratings have gone down a lot. I think the ratings drop is partially due to Hulk Hogan. Don’t get me wrong, Hulk Hogan is a good wrestler, but he isn’t good at promoting TNA.

Before when I used to love watching TNA, they had a six sided ring. That made it different than WWE in a way. When Hulk was hired by TNA, he didn’t like the ring they had, so he changed it to a four sided ring. I think that was a mistake, though it was a tiny one.

Hulk Hogan also started to hire many of the WWE wrestlers who stopped wrestling for WWE but still wanted to wrestle. This was a big mistake I think. It seems like Hulk is trying to get TNA to look a lot like WWE. This is a bad and big mistake on his part. TNA needs to be different than WWE, not the same, to be able to improve their ratings.

Hulk also got rid of some great TNA wrestlers. One of the best woman wrestlers TNA had was Awesome Kong. She may have been overweight, but she was wonderful. She knew how to interact with the audience and with the other wrestlers. This is another bad and big mistake Hulk has done.

I tried the other night to watch TNA Wrestling, but it was boring and stupid. Why would I want to watch TNA trying to be like WWE when all I have to do is watch the real thing when WWE is on? Hulk Hogan needs to be more original. He needs to stop trying to be like WWE. He needs to promote the TNA wrestlers more and less of the WWE wrestlers who went to TNA. Most of all, Hulk Hogan should stop trying to be a wrestler again. He was great in the past, but now it is very questionable, to me at least.

That is just my opinion about Hulk Hogan and TNA Wrestling. TNA has gone down hill. But WWE will always be number one forever.


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