Thursday, December 14

The Disadvantages of Travelling by Bus

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There are many disadvantages of travelling by bus and that is why most people use their cars. One of them is that these people, using their cars, don’t want to crowd together with many other people. Some of them feel even terrified of the thought that someone is going to touch them with their dirty hands, rob them, threat them and injure them on the bus. This was a joke, but seriously, why do most of the people prefer driving their cars in these terrible traffic jams and deal daily with crazy mad drivers? To me this is a stress much bigger than crowding with other people. But bus travelling has a lot of other disadvantages for sure. Here I will tell you the most common ones.

The first one is the time. You can waste a lot of time waiting for the bus that has been stuck in the traffic jam for example, or you have just missed it for a minute and now you have to wait for twenty more minutes. If the weather is bad, the nightmare is even worse. You are late for work or school, or lectures, or you are late for your exam, but you are waiting in the rain with the hopes that the next one is yours. You can even be on time at the bus stop, but imagine if the bus stop is too crowded too and there is not enough room for everyone. Or maybe there is some room for you… let’s see…, yes! There is! Now you understand what is to be crowded, smashed and suffocated on the bus. Although your shoes are wet because the bus driver has stopped in front of a huge puddle and there was nothing to do but put your feet in there, your coat for the meeting is rumpled up and you have to get off the bus every time it stops to make room for other passengers to get off. You should also be aware, because these close contacts could also lead to something more dramatic – you can get robbed. This is probably the worst thing (of course, after you got killed) that can happen to you in the bus. Just kidding, but don’t belittle the fact that these places are heaven for the robbers. You won’t feel anything on the bus, but you will feel something is missing after you get off of it. So, one rule – never put your money or your cell phones in your pockets! Keep them in a bag with a safety zipper and keep an eye on it.

Another disadvantage of buses is that you can easily get flu or another “modern” virus that spreads itself by droplets such as sneeze, cough etc. So, always wear with you a wet antibacterial handkerchief or other antibacterial gel.

Another thing that can happen to you on the bus is that you can get also smashed with the doors (which is a very common accident though), because the drivers are not always paying attention at the passengers. There are probably a lot more disadvantages but if it is not “your day”, your car won’t help you deal with the coming problems. It may also create some more.

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