Monday, December 18

Politicians And Lobbyists Are Destroying Our Country With Their Use Of Earmarks

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Earmarks are provisions that are approved monies to be spent on specific projects or exemptions from taxes or mandated fees. Politicians and lobbyists that use earmarks are destroying our country. All the politicians that use earmarks should be removed from office by the people and replaced by politicians who are honest and are in government to serve the people.

How are earmarks used and why are they destroying our country?

Say a doctor wants to do a study on something. Let’s say he wants to study the pee from an ape and how it affects a specific disease. This pee may not have anything that will help fight this disease, but the doctor wants to study it. He asks a lobbyist (in his particular state) to get him half a million dollars to study this pee from the ape. The lobbyist goes to a Congressman or Senator from that state and gives him the proposal from the doctor. The Congressman or Senator adds this request to a new bill that will be voted on. The bill passes and the doctor gets his half a million dollars to study the pee of a particular ape. This is an earmark and earmarks are being added to bills by the thousands.

Election time comes around and the Congressman or Senator receives a check from the lobbyist for ten percent of the money the doctor got to study the apes pee. The Congressman or Senator uses this check (and many others) from the lobbyist to get reelected. The Congressman or Senator stays in the Congress or Senate for many years with the help of lobbyists. The government spends more and more money on these earmarks which in turn continue to allow the Congressmen and Senators to be reelected. The lobbyists get rich, the Congressmen and Senators get rich and many people get government money they should never have received.

The American people have woken up out of a dream. Many people realize earmarks, lobbyists and unethical politicians are destroying this country. The US is in debt like she has never been before and it is because of politicians spending money we do not have. Politicians are spending this money to make sure they are reelected. They are buying votes and receiving political financing from earmarks that are added to every bill they try to get through the Senate and the Congress. This needs to be stopped and you can stop it with your vote. Presidents also use earmarks to get votes and financing to enhance their political careers. This is done by both Republican and Democratic politicians. It is time for us to vote all of these unethical people out of office before they completely destroy our country.  


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