Tuesday, December 12

The Mothers-In-Law: The Newlyweds Move In

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The Mothers-in-Law: The Newlyweds Move In confirms that the shows for this series aired out of order.  In most probability, the 2nd and 3rd episodes were filmed later on and inserted into the order earlier.  I have no idea why because it really throws things out of the loop.  For example, there already was a reference to the Jerry calling his mom-in-law ‘Mother Hubbard’ but it is in this episode where that first occurs.

At the heart of this episode, Jerry and Susie, the newlyweds, return from their honeymoon to take up residency in the garage apartment over Susie’s parents’ home.  At issue is how much butting in the moms, Eve and Kaye, will do.

The actors in this series are all superb.  Kaye Ballard stands out here with some silent mime-like action that is just a hoot.  Eve Arden is always good.  Her style is a bit different from Ballard’s, but they compliment each other very well as the moms.

One thing that is funny is that all of the characters are named after the actors’ given names except for Susie, who is played by Deborah Walley.  It makes you wonder why they didn’t like the moniker of ‘Debbie’ for the character.

The humor works; this is definitely my kind of comedy.


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