Monday, December 11

Will Google Adsense Make More Money For Bukisa Writers?

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Sometimes change is difficult for people. Buskisa’s upcoming change from a paid per view site to a Google Adsense site has some writers excited and some feeling nervous about whether or not such as change will be good for them. Of course the only way each individual writer will find out that answer for themselves is to try and see. However, as someone who writes for Triond and has been through their integration to Adsense that occurred several months ago, I feel I may be able to give you a little insight into whether you can hope to benefit from adsense.

The first deciding factor will be how well you are doing on Bukisa right now. For those who are managing to make out the $25.00 pay out each and every month you may find switching to Adsense is not the blessing you might hope for. Since, the only way you make money with Adsense is if the people who read your article also clicks on the ads. Even if you were to manage to make $25.00 a month on your Adsense account you won’t get a payout until you reach $100.00.

However, for those who make far less than $25.00 a month from Bukisa, the switch to Adsense may well earn you more. Often times on Triond my Adsense earnings for the month amounts to more than my pay per view earnings. In fact, I have not written on Bukisa for a long time due to the poor amount of views I get on my articles posted here. However, since January will see the switch to Adsense I am going to give this site another go as I feel my earnings could increase on this site now.

Making the Most of Adsense

For those of you who want to make the most of Adsense it pays to write for several sites that uses Adsense to increase your earnings. That way will have two or three sites all adding to your earnings and accumulating faster. While there will be no quick payoffs with Adsense your earnings will ad up and you will receive a nice payout all at once.

So why not give it a try, you have nothing to lose but, you may have some money to gain.


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